New Home – 9/28/06

The country, finally!  Well, barely.  Actually, the property touches city limits, but we are ‘outside’.  And on her birthday, to boot!

New house, no grass, no pavement on the driveway yet, unfinished basement, mother-in-law right next door, but it sits on 5 acres, so it’s a plus.  Had to take a second job to make the payment, so I don’t get to see the place too much it seems.

Moving…UGH!  After 20+ years and 3 kids, the old 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car garage place was so beyond cramped.  We took a 12 foot trailer load to the ‘burn pile’, put about twice that much out for the trash pickup, and it still took 4 days to move across town! (Thanks for the use of the trailer, Frank!)

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